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    Minimize Apps On Nokia S40


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    Minimize Apps On Nokia S40 Empty Minimize Apps On Nokia S40

    Post  Admin on Fri May 13, 2011 6:37 pm

    Its been a dream for every s40 users to minimize java applications in their handset, especially for gprs users who need to be online in chat clients while

    surfing the net and so on.. But due to the inbuild abnormality in the architecture of the phone we are unable to do so..I also searched the www for a working

    trick to minimize apps in s40 and after a long research it ended up with a website which allows its registered users to create project by uploading reqired

    applications and combining them together to form a common application in which we can minimize and switch between selected applications. This facilitates

    the mob users to switch in b/w the applications pre-selected.


    How to work with multime:

    1. Register at the site and login

    2. Add your midlets by selecting the my midlets from the rear lefthand side of the resultant window(you can either select apps from your system or from an

    external source by clicking add by link option)

    3. After uploading the required midlets, come back to the my projects and create a new project there.

    4. Click on the Add midlets button and check the required apps there

    5. Select build to compile them and get the output jar file ready to download

    6. After downloading the application, as you launch it, there will be many midlets you added in ur project, and you could use application individually, and all

    running simultaneously.

    7. By default you could minimize application by long pressing * which could be changed

    8. To change the key, minimize all apps then press options, here again select options and in default you will find key 42. Press assign and press your desired

    key for minimizing. Below it, select the key press time in milliseconds.

    9. Press options and ok.

    10. NjoY !!

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