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    How to fix corrupted windows files in XP, Vista and 7


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    How to fix corrupted windows files in XP, Vista and 7

    Post  Admin on Sun May 15, 2011 4:06 am

    It always happens that due to activity of some viruses, malwares or Trojans the original files of our operating system gets corrupted.
    Thus leading us to either format and re-install the os which could result in to very hectic job for noobs as well as for experts.
    Thus i found out another way which is hidden in the Microsoft OS. Which doesn't not require you to re-install or format, rather it checks the integrity of all the system files and replaces with the original file from the Installation disk of OS.


    1. Windows XP/VISTA/7 CD/DVD (depending upon your OS)


    follow this steps:

    1. Place the OS cd/dvd in your cd/dvd drive

    2. Go to start

    3. Run

    4. Type sfc /scannow

    Now sit back and relax, it should all load and fix all your corrupted file on win OS. Hope this method can fix your corrupted xp system files

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