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    VNAP NetBuster – Web Browser With Url Handler


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    VNAP NetBuster – Web Browser With Url Handler Empty VNAP NetBuster – Web Browser With Url Handler

    Post  Admin on Wed May 11, 2011 4:29 am

    We have seen many mobile browsers and other applications with inbuilt handler menu, with which you can editing several settings like front query, back query, proxy etc.. .

    Now here comes a PC web browser with handler menu for inserting front or back query and proxy settings.

    Steps to Install: Please Ensure You have Installed Dotnet 3.5 Client Side.

    1. Get VNAP NetBuster

    2. Install VNAP NetBuster

    3. Run VNAP NetBuster

    4. Go to Settings

    5. Click on Options 6. Go to URL Hanlder 7. Specify URL Front Queary or Back Queary according to your need (If required)

    8. Go to Proxy Settings and Specify Proxy Address and Port (If required)

    9. Save Setttings

    10. Exit and Reload VNAP

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