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    Install N-GAGE in N73


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    Install N-GAGE in N73 Empty Install N-GAGE in N73

    Post  Swapnil on Sun May 15, 2011 2:01 pm

    You people Know that N73 or N73ME does’nt N-GAGE Pre-loaded But, it supports N-GAGE Gaming as all symbian mobiles do. Here comes the procedure…..Come in!
    Here is the procedure:

    1) Download(http://www.sendspace.com/file/xwbndl)

    2) Install N-Gage_1.01 in your memory card. you’ll find this pack in the above mentioned pack.

    3) Install the Patch in your memory card. you’ll find this one too pack in the above pack.

    4) open the N-GAGE application and do nothing. wait 10 secs and exit.

    That’s hit! now play N-GAGE Games in your N73!

    Here is a simple way to install N-GAGE Games in your mobile

    Download the N-GAGE Games from internet (Its not that hard to find)

    1) Open the N-GAGE Game in your pc

    2) Select Next, Select the one of the box and select Next, Next and extract the N-GAGE file to PC

    3) copy the N-GAGE Game file to your memory card

    4 )Disconnect the phone from PC and run XPLORER.

    5) Copy the N-GAGE game file to ngage folder.

    6) launch the n-GAGE application and follow the on screen imformation

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