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    Read Pdf Files In Mobile Without Any Software


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    Read Pdf Files In Mobile Without Any Software

    Post  Admin on Thu May 12, 2011 2:41 pm

    Many Mobile Users have faced the situation while trying to open a heavy Pdf file after downloading on your mobile.

    Either the Pdf reader will take too long to render the file or due to the heavy size the third party Pdf reader will quit. (Please Note that i am dealing with older version of s40( Java) and s60v2 phones which doesnt come with a Pdf reader pre loaded with it. ) So Finally i found a solution for this issue.


    1. Just bookmark this link in your mobile browser http ://wap .google.com/gwt/ n?

    2.Open up this link and paste the link of the Pdf file which you want to open up in the box just below the text “Enter a URL: ”

    3. Click Go and wait for it to load up.

    3. After loading you can read the pdf file without any software right on your browser.

    4. EnjoY....

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