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    [AiRtEL & d0c0m0] Download TORRENT from mobile for FREE.


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    [AiRtEL & d0c0m0] Download TORRENT from mobile for FREE. Empty [AiRtEL & d0c0m0] Download TORRENT from mobile for FREE.

    Post  rahul06 on Sun May 22, 2011 7:47 pm

    We knw we can dwnld torrent frm any torrent client...
    Bt here the trick that u can download it on MOBILE...
    So here we go...

    Step 1- downlod operamini 4.2
    RC 3 handler version 4rm our forum and put perticular trick of ur service provider..

    make new settings...
    Apn- airtelgprs.com
    proxy:port- chose any1 4rm below 5 proxies [THESE ALL R RESUME SUPPORTED]

    in opera http and socket-
    frnt query-

    in handler
    proxy type -http
    ur opera will successfully initialize...

    Step 2- go to TORRIFIC.COM,
    creat account.

    Goto torrentz.com
    Now select .torrent url of file that u want to dwnld...
    and paste .torrent url im torrific.com...

    Step 3- when dwnld link is
    available then start dwnld...

    Step 4- Most imp step-

    if u got error when downloading, then exit
    opera, re-open dwnld link...
    And in dwnld property SELECT

    Step 5- then start dwnld.
    Ur Downld will start from the
    break point of last time....

    This is 1000% work on mobile...
    If u got any problem reply here...

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